About the Book

1967. Music, sex, freedom, laughter, Vietnam, love.

What happens when there are no goodbyes?

People disappear but the feelings remain. Love remains.

Shelly Fagan unexpectedly learns her son’s upcoming Little League tourney will be held in St. Francis, Indiana—the same small town—where she was forced into a convent at age seventeen. Now, at age thirty-six, Shelly discovers the shocking truth about what really happened, and the fact her parents lied and allowed her to believe their lies for the past eighteen years.

Shelly Fagan loved Chris Johnson—she promised him she would love him forever. Shelly also loved Philip Gerard, the father of her two sons. Chris knew and loved Shelly Fagan, the girl. Philip loved Shelly Fagan, the woman the girl became. But Shelly the girl was still there, trapped inside.

The Message


Controlling Shelly Fagan is about growing up in a small southern Indiana town during the sixties. And it is about discovering what really controls us—the love in our hearts, the people close to us, the generation we are a part of, our religious beliefs, and the roles we take on as adults. 

The Author


Olive Dunn is a pen name. Controlling Shelly Fagan has been a work in progress for over twenty years. The statement - "everyone has a novel to write" - spoken one afternoon by Oprah actually planted the seed.  Shelly Fagan was born. Off and on, little by little, line by line, the story of Shelly and Chris was created. And now, finally, the story is written.